Susie is an adorable fawn, medium sized girl who has been an absolute pleasure to have in our kennels. She has an exceptionally pretty face accentuated by her eyes that look like they've been daubed with mascara. Susie is very person orientated and has never been raced. She has no tattoos in her ears. She's very affectionate and loves her chin and belly being scratched. If you stop stroking her Susie will quickly show her displeasure at this by gently pawing at you for more scratches, strokes and hugs. Susie is a very gentle girl but no shrinking violet when it comes to asserting herself with other dogs if she feels they're acting out of line.....especially the boys. She generally walks well but can become a bit flighty and occasionally anxious when out walking. She responds quickly to some positive handling and reassurance. Susie is generally clean in her kennel, however she does seem to throw biscuit fragments everywhere except into her mouth. If you're looking for a warm-hearted, bubbly, friendly, caring dog to become part of your family Susie might be just the girl you are looking for.