Fun, playful pupper seeks more fun and lots of love in a forever home. Two year old Tipsy is a slightly built black lad with a wee white tux, he has a cute baby face, an adorable snoot and the sweetest eyes, this boy is a heart breaker and shouldn’t stay in kennels too long. He has no race record and has little experience of the world so he has lots to learn. He just needs gentle introductions to his new life, with few expectations on him in the early days and time to settle as a pet. On arrival he was quite nervy and unsure but he is slowly starting to take things in his stride and settle. He’s friendly with fellow Greyhounds and loves to meet new kennel friends when he’s out on walks, he loves to say hi with a sniff and a tail wag, he is quite a sociable boy. Tipsy is a super lead walker and loves getting out for walks with his kennel neighbour Connie. With sensible and measured introductions he could live with the right dog with successful meet ups or he could live as an only hound enjoying all the fuss and attention. He has the makings of an adorable pet and companion. If you would like to find out more about young Tipsy and the adoption process please call Celia Fernie on 07826 244765.