Shhh! Please say a gentle hello to Sweet Treacle, he needs a patient and loving home. He is currently very shy and timid and appears a little wary of men. He is just 4 years old and is medium sized, compact (smallish for a boy) and is quite simply a little darling. Treacle can be easily spooked, so he will need time and gentle encouragement to adjust to situations and to his new life. Since arriving at GRF we are seeing his confidence improve and his recent move to a kennel, sharing with Liz has been a great success, they love to cuddle up together, itís lovely. He is friendly with fellow greys and is making new friends. A kind and patient hand is needed. In return, you will be rewarded with the love of the sweetest, most delightful little fellow. Treacle could live, blossom and perhaps learn to be brave in the company of a kind canine friend, so with gentle introductions he could live with a another dog or be an only dog. He is a good walker, he loves his walks and sniffariís in Celiaís wood.