A Tribute To Ace.

Walking round the living room Ace was unsure of us at first; as she walked round unsure of us I sat on one of the couches, I too was unsure (just like Ace I guess) but then a strange thing happened. Maybe Ace knew that I was as unsure as she was but when she came to me and sniffed my hand, she looked me face to face as if to say "I Know?" Then when I stroked her head, oh how smooth and soft she is. In all honesty no rarer beauty could be found? Her pure, lush black coat as smooth as air, and with that first touch I swear it was truly like touching air and I knew that it wasn't me who chose her but she had chosen me. Which just shows that it isn't always the person who chooses but the animal (no matter what it is) can choose who they want to be with, and this is what happened to me and Ace, I hadn't chosen her but she chose me. And when I think of the day, the 6th of January 2009 when I had not long turned 19 years old (even though is was only a year and a bit ago now).I was the first the person Ace came to as if to say "I choose you, let me be with you" and ever since then she always been with me at my side, and I hope she will forever be even after death for I have never had ONE LIKE ACE.
Truly an Ace you can count on to have in your pack.

By Nicola Tuxworth.


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