Unsung Angels.

Have you ever loved something enough to let it go?
Even though it breaks your heart to watch, you know
That in order to flourish it's wings must spread,
In order to grow it must move on and look ahead.

Like a first child leaving the proverbial nest,
Your heart aches, but you know it's for the best.
You have nurtured, nursed and taught all that you can,
They were never yours to keep, that wasn't the plan.

Could you volunteer to have this pain week after week
To break your heart quite literally, so to speak?
Open your home, your heart and your mind,
To the abused, the needy, the unloved, the blind?

Could you nurse them back from pain and despair,
Make them understand that love is out there?
Watch them come back to life before your eyes,
Knowing soon you will say your goodbyes?

It's a special person who can foster a dog.
Turn around it's life, bring sunshine through the fog.
Be a gentle hand, a calming voice and a loving ear,
Soothe all the pain away and calm every fear.

To love it so much after seeing it's pain but prepare to let it go,
To find it a new family who you know can love it so.
And when your heart is breaking as you watch it walk away,
Open your door to the next dog, knowing it will all end the same way.

So to you angels out there who foster, mostly unsung,
Thank you from all the foster babies, old and young.
Thank you from the families whose lives you have transformed,
When you gave them that bundle that you so much adored.

Without you these dogs would have far less chance.
Have you any idea how many lives you enhance?
Do you know how many people stand back in awe?
You are utterly amazing, you couldn't do more.

Thank you for having the courage to let go.
The strength to do it all again, I admire you so.
To the dogs you are angels, their saviours and their friend.
Just know each one remembers you, with love until the end.

Head in hand

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