Kennel Number 13

Candy Andy

You have chosen kennel number thirteen. Candy and Andy are in your kennel at the moment. If you wish to keep your choice you can sponsor this kennel for whatever amount you would like to give to help Greyhound Rescue Fife, thank you so much.

For all the ways you can pay Please click here.

There is no limit to the number of people who may sponsor each kennel and so far this kennel has been sponsored by:-

Kyla. Jane Price.
Hazel O'Donnell, Sox and Spring. Robert McCurdy.
Una Ovens. Alex Anderson.
Claire and Gavin Whigham. Lindsay Findlay.
Archie Cartney. June Hutton.
Joe and Dan. Bruce Platform.
Michelle Goodfellow. Louise Morrison.
Mike Dowd. Craig Easton.
Marc and Logan McCall. Susan, Moria and Bootsie.
Rob Sproat. Denise Chambers.
Siofra. Michael and Rachel.
In Loving Memory of Muttly. Craig Ferguson.
Alayne Gibb. Rob Sproat.
Ellie Thomas. In Loving Memory of Kitty.
Wendy Houlihan.  Katherine McLee.
DJ ‘Jock’ Macdonald.