Sponsor a Kennel.

Thank you for deciding to sponsor one of our kennels. Please remember that it's the kennel that you are sponsoring, not the dog. These are the names of the dogs in each kennel at the moment. If the dog in your kennel goes to his / her forever home you can continue to sponsor the same kennel and it's new occupant. Please click on the picture of the kennel that you would like to sponsor and you will see a picture of the dog(s) in that kennel.

Kennel 1Kennel 2Kennel 3Kennel 4
Conner & RoseBruno & MiaBarney & GlenStan & Netty
Kennel 5Kennel 6Kennel 7Kennel 8
Matt & StefanMermaid & DollyMax & RubyTeejay & Honey
Kennel 9Kennel 10Kennel 11Kennel 12
Treacle & LizTaylorMaureen & GastonLeo & Flash
Kennel 13Kennel 14Kennel 15
Candy & AndyDuke & LolaBanner & Tara

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