Kennel Number 8

Teejay Henry

You have chosen kennel number eight. Teejay and Henry are in your kennel at the moment. If you wish to keep your choice you can sponsor this kennel for whatever amount you would like to give to help Greyhound Rescue Fife, thank you so much.

For all the ways you can pay Please click here.

There is no limit to the number of people who may sponsor each kennel and so far this kennel has been sponsored by:-

Sasha. Mary Dear.
Esther and Ian. Georgia Walker.
Teresa Bell. Hamish.
Bruce Platform. A Polish Friend of retired greyhounds.
Irene McCurdy. Kevin Tulloch.
Jake Tulloch. Claire and Gavin Whigham.
Lindsay Findlay. Tim and Jaz Travis.
Sharon Stuart. Tristan and Nikki.
Jayne and Jason Carlsen. Katie Smith.
Lisa Duncan. Tricia Prow, Blue.
Jason Whealing. Mike Dowd.
Salman Iqbal. Sheilah Jack.
Jack Forrest. Rob Sproat.
Jane and Zippy Coleman. Barb King.
Jim Crawford. Jack Forrest.
Mrs Mackie and Class 7M. Lesley and Paul.
In loving memory of Barney In memory of Valerie Harrison.
Jim Stevenson Lisa Watt 
Collette Swinley  Hazel Graham.