Please Choose Me.

To see our lovely dogs who are looking for the home that they deserve so much, just click on the small pictures below and a bigger picture will open up with a description of the dog. When you are ready to view another picture click the "Back" link underneath the image or use the back button on your browser, or you can click the "Please Choose Me" button on the left.-- Lots of ways to do it!

Unless in special circumstances, all dogs will be microchipped, vaccinated and neutered before being rehomed.

Zac Georgia and Montana Treacle Darling
ZacGeorgia and MontanaTreacleDarling
Emma Lily Jaguar Zena
Cyclone Blake Susie Gucci
Jack Gypsy Duke Ghost
Trilby Midge Boss Corvette
Swift Rio Sammy Tony
Basil Vanny Misty and Lance Hope
BasilVannyMisty and LanceHope
Dottie Vicki Larry Star

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